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What’s Wrong with Poland’s Transfer Pricing Legislation?

While the world has been looking outward, focused on a global tax plan, Poland’s Ministry of Finance has been looking in—evaluating its transfer pricing legislation through a project known as “Strengthening the Transfer Pricing Legal System Against Tax Evasive Behavior.”

New OECD Guidelines Debut This Week!

As every transfer pricing executive and tax authority knows, when it comes to transfer pricing there’s one bible we honor: the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations.

Global Tax Troubles for the EU

You have to hand it to the OECD—its two-pillar global tax plan is pretty clever. To get the whole world to agree to it, the organization had to dangle a carrot that was irresistible to the U.S.

Build Back Better…Later?

The U.S. government may institute laws and provide public services, but no one’s ever accused it of making anything easy. Case in point: the Build Back Better Act.