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The Latest News on the OECD’s Global Tax Reform

Week of 8/19/21: Should European Telecoms be Excluded from the OECD’s Global Tax Reform?  First, it was financial services and extractive businesses who wanted to be exempt from the OECD’s new global tax plan. Now, European Telecoms are calling for an exclusion, too. The OECD’s international tax reform, which after years of debate is inching closer ...

Tax Vocabulary 101

Tax scrutiny, tax avoidance, tax morality. Ever feel like tax executives are speaking their own foreign language? No need to download Rosetta Stone—we’re defining common (and confusing) tax terms right here.

DEMPE For Dummies

When valuing intangibles, the OECD’s DEMPE functions tells a story that far transcends ownership.

The Transfer Pricing Beat: News for the Week of May 24, 2021

In this article, discover the Dominican Republic’s new transfer pricing requirements, the ATO’s support around intangible arrangements, and the European Commission’s stance on public disclosure of effective corporate tax rates.

Avoid Audits in Australia—XBS Reveals How!  

Considered one of the most aggressive tax agencies in the world, the Australian Tax Office is vigilant when it comes to enforcing compliance. In this article, learn how MNEs can stay on its good side.