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The OECD Updates Country Profiles…So Now’s There’s No Excuse for Failing to Meet Regulations

28th December 2021

You’d think putting the finishing touches on a new global tax plan would be enough to keep the OECD busy, but apparently, it isn’t. The organization has also been tackling its transfer pricing country profiles—and now you’ll find new updates on 21 countries. In case you haven’t looked at the OECD’s country profiles before, here’s what you’re missing: The country profiles clue you in to all aspects of transfer pricing rules and regulations. Does Germany have documentation requirements? You’ll find it there. Does Australia adhere to the arm’s length principle? Does South Africa have a hierarchy of methods? Each listing is kind of a one-stop-shop on what you need to know on country-by-country transfer pricing. While old-timers, like Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, and Italy, among others, have been updated to reflect new rules and regulations, the list also includes some newcomers: Albania, Kenya, and the Maldives are making their country-profile debuts.