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What Our Clients Say

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

We have helped thousands of multinational companies take the complexity and uncertainty out of the regulatory tax world with greater clarity, efficiency, and more cost effectively than the Big Four.

Transfer pricing client

Keurig Dr. Pepper


Keurig Dr. Pepper had several partnerships with traditional providers, requiring the investment of significant time, workforce, and cost to manage these engagements. This also resulted in multiple processes across jurisdictions. Navigating these disparate methodologies and partnerships, accompanied by
long timelines to prepare reports were big pain points.


CrossBorder Solutions streamlined the transfer pricing compliance process and delivered documents that were standardized, intuitive, easy to read, and simple to access in real-time through the Compliance Central repository. Keurig Dr. Pepper achieved a 20% reduction in partner time management along with a 40% reduction in tax compliance costs.

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R&D Tax credit client



Driscoll’s sought to relieve the pressure of not leaving money on the table when meeting claim deadlines. Having previously worked with the big four and consulting firms, they also didn’t want to help build and implement a tool. Driscoll’s wanted a complete solution that would also remove the anxiety of receiving an invoice every time they picked up the phone.


Driscoll’s engaged with CrossBorder Solutions for improvements in the analysis of their credits, the identification of missed opportunities, the capture and socialization of data, along with centralized documentation. Cutting the grey area out of the R&D tax credit led to a 40% increase in credit claims, and the identification of two new jurisdictions.

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Tax Provision Client

Teco Westinghouse

“I could see you guys putting other provision software out of business. We have used OneSource for more than seven years—and based on my experience in that and other software—you guys have a better product for sure. It’s going to save time on our side, along with a very straightforward implementation—which was a big concern from my side.” – Tax Manager

Additional Client Comments