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CrossBorder Podcasts break down this challenging and ever-shifting industry so you can stay up to date on everything tax-related, from R&D tax credits to transfer pricing. With CrossBorder Podcasts, we explain the complex.

The Fiona Show

Tune in every week to hear leading experts in their field take the uncertainty out of the changing tax industry. Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Transfer Pricing

Episode 113: Taxing the Top 100

Global tax reform is underway, creating a new framework that comes with constant contractions. On today's episode, Dr. Lorraine Eden returns to discuss her takeaways from proposals to tax only the 'top 100' companies in Pillar One negotiations.

Transfer Pricing Today

Need the latest transfer pricing headlines in one easy-to-digest podcast? Join host Matthew DeMello for a weekly rundown of the latest news and major changes in the global regulatory climate.

Hot Off The Press Podcast

Transfer pricing headlines for the week of September 14th, 2021

What’s Poland’s latest move to crack down on tax avoidance? Will advanced pricing agreements become a thing of the past for certain Mexican factories? And what’s really going to happen with digital services taxes after Pillar 1 and 2 officially come into play? These stories and more on this week's Fiona Show: Hot Off the Press podcast.

R&D Tax Credit

Did you know only 5% of eligible companies in jurisdictions across the world even apply for R&D tax credits? Join host Rahim Walji as he explains how to make sure you’re not the 95% leaving money on the table.

R&D Podcast

Episode 33: Cautionary Tale: Fashion Designer’s $750k R&D Claim Gets Rejected

Fashion can be a sector of great innovation. Have you ever heard of something called "smart fabric"? On today's episode, we take a closer look at a recent court case where a fashion designer was rejected for nearly $1 million in R&D claims and ask: Did it have to turn out this way?

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