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When it comes to seeing how our solutions deliver significant benefits to our customers, don’t just take our word for it. Below are some examples of how we help our customers drive greater efficiency and business value in their transfer pricing, tax provision and R&D tax credit processes.

Transfer Pricing: Red Ventures Strengthens Global Tax Position with CrossBorder Solutions

Multi-national digital marketing company proactively addresses areas of tax risk, and significantly reduces TP documentation process costs and saving millions in taxes. Read more

Transfer Pricing: Jaggaer Manages Global Transfer Pricing Complexity due to M&A Activity with CrossBorder Solutions

Jaggaer LLC grew quickly expanding from the US into 17 other countries primarily through m&a activities over just five years. This added significant complexity to their transfer pricing. The company chose to leverage a software approach over hiring a Big Four consulting firm. They were able to centralize their transfer pricing documentation, ensure completeness and consistency, faster than they thought was possible. Jaggaer was also able to leverage CrossBorder’s team of tax experts for additional strategic review and support. Read more

Tax Provision: Roseburg Forest Products Takes Weeks Off Their Provision Process with CrossBorder Solutions

Roseburg Forest Products needed to find an alternative approach to complex, messy Excel spreadsheets and manual processes. They needed to maintain ownership of the data but wanted to explore a more automated, software-based approach. Choosing CrossBorder Tax Provision, the team was able to achieve greater efficiency, ensure calculation accuracy, and shaved weeks off their provision process timeframe. Read more