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CrossBorder University is a custom learning platform from CrossBorder Solutions, dedicated to the advancement of tax education, ideas, and inspiration. CrossBorder University is curated to provide access to career-enhancing knowledge, events, courses, CPE credits, and timely industry news and analysis.


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Our mission is to support and create the most advanced tax experts in the world.


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Visit our specialized transfer pricing, R&D tax credit, and tax provision campuses. Learn from industry experts. Master complex concepts and principles through comprehensive course curricula. Succeed in your day-to-day through the application of the latest tools, approaches, and techniques.


Transfer Pricing Campus

The global tax environment has become dramatically complex as individual countries implement hyper-localized transfer pricing regulations to increase revenue. To make it easier to impose adjustments, almost every jurisdiction created its own documentation, comparable search, economic analysis, and reporting requirements. Stay on top of continued developments and learn how to successfully navigate this changing compliance landscape.


R&D Tax Credit Campus

The R&D tax credit is designed to help a company keep more of its own money, and as countries emerge from the pandemic, they will encourage corporations to increase their R&D activities. Qualifying for an R&D tax credit isn’t necessarily the hard part, the challenge is often in providing the required documentation. Learn the ins and out of effectively taking advantage of the R&D tax credit opportunity.


Provision Campus

A tax provision is the most important tax calculation a company will make each year, and the constantly changing regulatory environment only makes this more complex. Learn how to manage growing provision complexities, regulatory risks, and operational challenges to remain competitive and compliant.


Get your tax genius on

Go beyond a focus on tax principles and theory to gain an insider’s view from industry experts on the practical application of this learning through the use of tools and techniques. Challenge yourself to embrace new and better ways of doing things. As we like to say – In the end, genius beats fear. It’s the only thing that ever has.

Get your tax genius on