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R&D Tax Credit

Maximize your credits. Minimize the cost.

In today’s challenging times, governments are helping companies regain their competitive advantage through the R&D tax credit. Are you maximizing your tax credit position cost effectively? CrossBorder Solutions provides R&D tax credit software solutions to help you find relevant tax credits your business can use. Your instinct may be to stay with the same old thing–but that’s just fear talking. 

Keep more of your money

Claim your credits with confidence

The R&D tax credit is solely designed to help your company keep more of its own money. It would be a shame to hand over this hard-earned cash to an outside advisor. When choosing our R&D tax credit software, our experienced team implements the software into your accounting process for seamless integration.

We think you deserve better. At CrossBorder Solutions, we make it easy to calculate how much you’ll receive, and create localized documents by leveraging a worldwide database with our groundbreaking AI technology. Best of all? Unlike traditional firms, we do it for a single, flat fee. You won’t find more cost-effective R&D tax credit services on the market. We built our state-of-the-art software solutions to benefit businesses like yours. You get complete control of your R&D tax credits with access to advice from our seasoned tax professionals.

Our fee structure

One flat fee.
One forward-thinking approach.

Our approach isn’t contingency-based, which means you don’t have to worry about billable hours. We charge a single, flat fee that delivers a localized solution so you can claim the R&D tax credit you deserve and keep more of your money.

One flat fee. One Forward-thinking approach

A partnership powered by AI

Our tax experts manage the implementation. Fiona does the rest. And while Fiona does the heavy lifting, our high value solution provides a better approach to claiming the credits you deserve.

We partner with you to review the work together so we meet your needs. If you want to have more input and control over your R&D tax credit process, our experts can provide advice and guidance for a seamless experience.

A partnership powered by AI
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Our AI-powered solution

Fiona helps you claim the credit you deserve

From our cloud-based software platform, we’ve created Fiona—the world’s most advanced AI tax expert. Fiona overcomes the shortfalls of traditional accounting firms and makes claiming R&D tax credits more accurate and affordable.  

Our AI understands the regulation intricacies in every jurisdiction enabling us to produce hyper-localized studies wherever you have qualified activities.

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Outsmart the uncertainty of claiming R&D tax credits with our AI-powered solution. Book a no-fear demo with us today and discover the difference CrossBorder Solutions can make.