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Tax Provision

Conquer Tax Provision Challenges

The corporate income tax provision is the tax department’s most complex and important calculation. Depending on processes using manual spreadsheets can be time-consuming and prone to error. CrossBorder Tax Provision streamlines the provision process, saving tax professionals days or weeks of time, ensuring greater accuracy and traceability of calculations, and enabling them to be more strategic—all while giving them complete control and ownership of the data.

Take Your Tax Provision to the Next Level

Despite the income tax provision’s complexity, roughly 80% of tax departments are still employing Excel to execute the calculation. Which means that 80% of tax departments are working in an uncontrolled environment, compromising the integrity of their data, and making the calculation susceptible to inaccuracies.

CrossBorder Tax Provision bypasses the usual Excel roadblocks—broken links, data-entry errors, workbooks that don’t flow seamlessly—and helps automate the book-to-tax process, computes complex calculations swiftly and accurately, and produces audit-ready standard reports, including the a detailed tax account roll-forward (TARF).

Tech and Training

CrossBorder Solutions’ experts provide training on how to use the provision software and will seamlessly implement your financial data into the software to ensure your success. Given the software’s user-friendly navigation, we estimate that with one hour of training, you will be able to use the software on your own. But our experts offer support whenever you need it.

Unlimited software support for your success
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