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Tax Provision

Complexity demands precision

A tax provision is the most important calculation a tax department can make, which is why it’s so important to get it right. Our AI makes navigating a tax provision unimaginably easy—replacing spreadsheets and completely automating the calculation of a company’s effective tax rate, ensuring transparency and traceability.

Provision pressures

Time for a calculated change

Calculating your company’s tax provision is challenging at best and the tools at your disposal are not making it any easier. Incumbent offerings are nearly unusable while spreadsheets are simply a mistake waiting to happen. So do you want to keep using these old methods or are you ready to conquer your fear and try something new?

Tech and Training

Unlimited software support for your success

CrossBorder Solutions’ customer success team will provide unlimited training on how to use the provision software, and will seamlessly implement your data into the software to ensure your success. Because we understand how urgent provision calculations are, you will have unfettered access to our experts through real-time chat and phone support whenever you need it.

Unlimited software support for your success
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Our AI-powered solution

Fiona delivers confidence with calculations

From our groundbreaking software platform comes Fiona, our advanced AI tax expert, to assist your tax team in accurately preparing your tax provision, while dramatically reducing the time spent on the process.

Our AI also provides advanced analytic insights and removes the need to map data year over year, continuing to drive provision efficiency and accuracy moving forward. A process with greater precision for total control and confidence.

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