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Claim Your Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Times have changed and mitigating risk must be part of your transfer pricing strategy.

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CrossBorder Solutions

We have helped thousands of companies reduce their overall transfer pricing compliance risk profile to protect them from audits, adjustments, and penalties.

Risk Profile

Based on eight dimensions of risk, we can accurately develop an individual company’s risk profile and give it a score.

Our deep data set allows us to compare an individual company’s risk profile to a peer group based on specific facts and circumstances (e.g. company size and revenue, industry, jurisdictions, types of transactions, etc.)

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What’s Your Risk Profile?

Claim your Risk Assessment consultation with one of our transfer pricing experts to reduce your compliance risk profile. It’s fast, easy, and free.

Here’s what’s included:

Risk Score Dashboard – Know your overall risk profile and score

Risk Results –  Identify your level of risk across 8 dimensions to develop a strategic plan to address high-risk areas

Peer Group Level – Benchmark your risk level against other companies’ compliance

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Claim Your Risk Assessment

Join one of our economists for a brief call to receive your proprietary risk assessment and understand how your score compares to industry peers.