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When it comes to transfer pricing and R&D tax credits, there’s always more to learn. Join us for our free, live webinar series—Transfer Pricing University and R&D University—taught by CrossBorder Solutions’ tax experts. These classes offer valuable lessons and strategies in transfer pricing and R&D tax credits and are available on a series basis. Please visit the links below to register for our available sessions.

Transfer Pricing University

Transfer pricing is one of the most audited areas of the tax industry. It’s on the radar of every tax authority in the world, which is why it must be on yours too. Whether you’re brushing up on the basics or interested in advancing your expertise, Transfer Pricing University is designed to keep you learning. Led by CrossBorder Solutions’ economic experts, this live webinar series has both introductory and concentrated classes, delivering a well-rounded view of transfer pricing.

Level 1

Transfer Pricing University 101

Over the course of this seven-week curriculum, our expert economists uncover the essentials of transfer pricing, and how they operate in the global tax arena. The semester provides a comprehensive look at transfer pricing’s foundational pillars: Methodology, documentation, sourcing and producing reports, and benchmarking, and strategies for implementation.

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Level 2

Transfer Pricing University 201

This six-week curriculum is a concentrated examination of transfer pricing compliance, and why it's more imperative than ever. Our team of expert economists reveal compliance measures and tactics, from how to ace a FAR analysis to tackling master and local file documentation to implementing an adjustment protection plan.

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Level 3

Transfer Pricing University 301

A seven-course curriculum, led by our own expert economists, providing an overview focusing on the documentation requirements in the aggressive jurisdictions, local requirements, and how they differ from the OECD. Ultimately, the course will provide key takeaways to be in an excellent position to defend your transfer pricing in these countries.

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R&D University

Governments are using the R&D tax credit to stimulate the economy and help companies get back on their feet. Yet there is wide-spread confusion on how to proceed efficiently and cost effectively. Join us for R&D University, led by CrossBorder Solutions’ Director of R&D Tax Credits, Rahim Walji. This live webinar series covers everything you need to know about R&D tax credits.

Level 1

R&D University 101

A comprehensive four-course curriculum covering everything you need to know about R&D tax credits, from US qualifications to international regulations, and how the credit evolves to benefit more companies each year.

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