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Making Sense of Stock-Based Compensation For Your Tax Provision

Corporations love stock-based comp. It costs nothing to offer, it aligns them with the interests of the talent they most need, and it can generate significant tax deductions. But reconciling the accounting and tax aspects of stock-based comp with the tax provision calculation can be tricky. Here’s how to streamline the process.

How An Auditor Reviews Your Tax Provision

For tax professionals charged with calculating a tax provision, the audit process can be a headache. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here, we show you how to build trust with your auditor, understand their perspective, and ultimately help your company make shrewd business decisions for the future.

Roseburg Forest Products Takes Weeks Off Their Provision Process with CrossBorder Solutions

Summary Roseburg Forest Products needed to find an alternative approach to complex, messy Excel spreadsheets and manual processes. They needed to maintain ownership of the data but wanted to explore a more automated, software-based approach. Choosing CrossBorder Tax Provision, the team was able to achieve greater efficiency, ensure calculation accuracy, and shaved weeks off their ...

All About Deferreds

What is a deferred tax asset and how can it impact your income tax provision?