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The Essential Guide to Intragroup Service Transactions

To tax administrations, service transactions are a gateway to base erosion and profit shifting. So, documenting them requires special attention from taxpayers. Here, we unpack how to report on these highly scrutinized transactions.

The Road to Audit-proof Transfer Pricing Documentation

Why is transfer pricing documentation so important? How do you present a robust picture of your company’s related-party transactions? CrossBorder Solutions’ Chief Economist Mimi Song walks you through the most important exercise your tax department may tackle this year.

Profit Level Indicators You Can Trust

You’ve made a consequential business decision, after looking at it from every strategic angle, including tax planning. As part of a big cross-border transaction, you’re reorganizing—moving functions, assets, and risks to diverse jurisdictions. But there’s a problem: The transfer pricing data connected to the new legal entities is sparse, putting you at an immediate disadvantage ...

The OECD’s Global Tax Reform: Where We Are Now

Will 2021 Be the Year of Breakthrough Tax Reform? It’s hardly news that many of the world’s most powerful brands have long played the international tax system like a violin, legally avoiding tax bills on the profits they’ve made in high-tax jurisdictions. Nor is it news that the OECD has been trying for years to ...