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What Is Transfer Pricing?

Multinational companies often engage in intercompany transactions. Why are tax authorities watching their every move?

Transfer Pricing and Intragroup Services

Intragroup service arrangements are one of the most highly scrutinized types of transfer pricing transactions. Here’s what you need to know to stay in compliance.

Transfer Pricing and Tangible Goods

Determining arm’s length prices for tangible goods begins with selecting the right transfer pricing method. In this informative white paper, CrossBorder Solutions’ Chief Economist Mimi Song outlines OECD-approved transfer pricing methods and reveals each one’s real-world applications.

Transfer Pricing and Financial Transactions

The OECD’s new guidance on intragroup financial transactions offers recommendations on constructing arm’s-length intercompany loans, guarantees, among other financial arrangements. What does it mean for multinational companies? CrossBorder Solutions’ Chief Economist Mimi Song dives into the nuances of financial transactions from a transfer pricing perspective.

The Surprising Advantages of Transfer Pricing Planning

A proactive approach to intercompany transactions can lead to a better understanding of the business, fewer conflicts with tax authorities, robust documentation, and of course, arm’s length results. Here’s how to get started.

Transfer Pricing in the Time of COVID-19: CrossBorder Solutions’ Summary of OECD Guidance

COVID-19 has proven to be a globally destructive force, and MNEs are feeling the pressure. The OECD has taken supportive measures by releasing “Guidance on the Transfer Pricing Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic.” In this whitepaper, learn all about the valuable guidance and how MNEs can take a proactive approach to transfer pricing, from conquering comparability and handling losses to government assistance programs and advance pricing agreements.

Benchmarking’s Bold New Future

A benchmarking analysis is one of the most challenging parts of transfer pricing documentation. The Platform for Collaboration on Tax (PCT), the OECD, and the European Commission have all addressed the complexities surrounding it. What if the solution relies on machine-based learning? In this whitepaper, learn how technology helps make a transfer pricing benchmarking analysis strong enough to stand up to any tax authority. ​